After graduating with a high honor degree from B.A. in Psychology at Bilkent University Beyza Alımcı obtained M.Sc. degree in Clinical Psychology at Utrecht University. 

She has taken courses from various fields of psychology mostly emphasizing on cognitive psychology, developmental psychology and clinical psychology.

She attended to developmental psychology lab of Bilkent University (Bil-Ge) and became a research assistant under the supervision of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hande Ilgaz and Assoc.Prof.Dr. Jedediah Allen.

On 2016, with Erasmus Exchange Program, she studied a semester at Tilburg University, NL. 

She completed two internships during bachelors one at kindergarten and one at a psychiatry service. 

For her bachelor thesis, she investigated the impact of maternal language during storytelling on the expressive and receptive language development of children between 3-5 ages. 

On the graduate level, she was trained in various disorders from a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy frame. She had mastery courses on anxiety and related disorders, loss and psycho-trauma, personality disorders, mindfulness, and related therapies.  

She researched the meaning in one's life and life-satisfaction on her master's thesis, under the supervision by Dr. Sibe Doosje. 

Due to her interest in research and academia, she preferred to have a research internship on M.Sc. level. She became a research assistant at the University of Amsterdam, Clinical Psychology department. The project was the post-doctoral research of Assoc.Prof.Dr. Duygu Yakin under the supervision of Prof.Dr.Arnoud Arntz. 

They collaboratively worked on Schema Therapy and the Healthy Adult in Schema Therapy.

On July 2018, she attended to intense training of Mindful Self-Compassion by Dr.Kristen Neff and Dr.Christopher Germer. 

She has involved in the project of book translation "Mindfulness and Schema Therapy" to Turkish by Vreeswijk, Broersen and Schruink.

She is now providing therapy both in Turkish and in English to patients with depression, anxiety and related disorders, personality disorders, eating disorders and mood disorders in Ankara, Turkey.

For patients living outside Ankara, she is providing online therapy through Skype.