Online Therapy

Is online therapy an effective way?

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What does scientific research say?

Due to the current technological developments and globalization, most of the works have been carried out in an online platform. Health field also started to take benefit from this opportunity in current years. So, does mental health. Online therapy and consultation become much more frequent on the past years and research in this area increase in parallel with the developments.

Many people have a bias in online therapy. Most frequently, people worry that emotions will not be expressed/ understood when the session is not conducted face to face. However, recent studies show that there is no difference between online therapy and therapy conducted face to face.  Emotions can be expressed and understood on the same level as in therapy face to face. Moreover, online therapy was found as effective as face-to-face therapy in terms of the therapy process. Most clients continued therapy successfully, completed the therapeutic responsibilities and also showed positive changes. There was an observable decrease in the symptoms. 

Online therapy can be conducted via Microsoft Skype or Google Hangouts through a video call. However, sometimes it could also be conducted via phone (voice) intervention. This is a less preferred way of online therapy, but conditions and process depend on the patient's preferences. Therefore, if the patient is more comfortable with a voice call, it might still be preferred.


If you would like to learn more about online therapy you can contact me via the contact form available on the website. 


Don't forget to provide your contact information when reaching for the online therapy session. If it is not possible to reach you, your session will be automatically canceled.

If you arranged an online session and want to cancel that, please reach out latest 24 hours earlier. 


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Online Shopping

Advantages of Online Therapy

-Possibility to reach from all around the world.
-In cases of moving or travel, no need to terminate the therapy. 
-Convenient time based.
-Financially convenient.
-More people can reach out to therapy both due to the ease of mobility and also financial convenience
-It is possible to reach out to any professional without any location/ time restriction.